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Roxanne Reichbach, Designer

The Ultimate In Luxurious Clothing

"When you dress with a certain intellect

you would be surprised how much is said".

Roxanne Reichbach's collection of charming designs accent a new femininity and romantic attitude for today's women. She is best known for her exquisite workmanship and originality.

As an artist as well as a designer, her fashion ingenuity transforms every vision into looks that are always appropriate for the occasion and have enduring appeal.

Her designs are the ultimate in luxurious clothing, made from the finest fabrics trims and laces, to create an ambiance that will enchant and 

captivate you. These are timeless classic pieces and stand the test of time.

With years of experience behind her, Roxanne has designed for such noted exclusive boutiques as ;


Sunset Plaza, Hollywood CA.


Madison Avenue, New York City, N.Y.


Camden Ave., Beverly Hills , CA

Candy House

Sherman Oaks, CA

Valerie, Valerie

Hollywood, CA

Roxanne Reichbach Designs

Studio City, CA

For decades Roxanne has been designing for a large clientele as well as numerous celebrities for a variety of occasions, as well as attiring them for film and stage.

At this time Roxanne is sharing a part of that career with you

featuring select pieces from her

Fashion Design portfolio

About the Designer

On these pages are but a small array of the Designs I have made over the years. unfortunately many others were never photographed but I remember them all and the wonderful clients that purchased them and helped to keep this Art alive.

All these Designs were all made by hand. Each piece is one of a kind. The laces were either tea stained or hand dyed, even most of the ecru's and all the pastels and dark hues like deep shades of green, wine, red and yes even the black tones were not only dyed but dried, pressed and very often reworked to create the exact palette ensuring all the pieces of the lace married together, quite like a painter works with color on a canvas. This work was very labor intense, but also very gratifying when the piece was completed.

I have worked with some of the most beautiful, rare and exquisite museum quality laces, trims, and fabrics in the world, both Antique and New alike. Not to mention all the beautiful Silks, Brocades, Silk Velvet's and even Antique Tapestry's.

I can remember like yesterday, finding these treasures at Antique Shows and Flea Markets here and in Europe.

I have had the great privilege of working with other amazing and talented Designers, who like myself, were true Artists that I respect and admire immensely. I've worked with the most talented Pattern Makers, Seamstresses and Sales Associates, not to mention Photographers, Models, Stylist and Makeup Artist. To them I will always owe a debt of gratitude.

Over the span of some twenty-five years I have had the honor of seeing my designs on truly some of the worlds most beautiful women. Many Famous Actresses, Singers, Dancers, yes women from all walks of life. celebrating life and many special occasions in their lives.

I have dressed women several times, nominated for "Best Actress at the Academy Awards, also Beauty Pageant contestants, Album Covers for Artists from Rock and Roll to Opera. I have Designed for Film and Stage, Gowns for Celebrity Weddings, Magazine Covers and a host of other events. How blessed I am to have lived this life. Working in the most Elegant Showrooms, in the best area's in the country. Helping clients live their dream. A dream of looking Special, or Amazing, or Sensual ......even for just one night, perhaps the most important night of their lives. That is my reward. Gratitude, yes that is it exactly, "the gratitude in their eyes, the smiles on there faces, or the tears shed because they were so filled with joy to have found what they were looking for," and for some that search went on for months or even more than a year, or so they said.

I was privileged to have shared many of their stories, assisted them personally or Designed that Special Gown especially for them. This was my gift and I hope as you look through these pages you will remember even part of the little bit of my story I have shared with you now.

A lot of love, care and workmanship went into each and every piece you will see on these pages. Many hands moving over them working tirelessly until each piece was put out on display, or perhaps even gracing that coveted place in the center of the carefully designed Window Display, for all the world to see passing by. What a thrill and what memories I will have to cherish all of my life.

I thank God for such blessings and such a life. I had the very best of times and have gone on to have a career doing other things as well in Interior Design and most recently launching my new Artisan Jewelry Design Collection.

Who knows what else life has in store, I am always open, and love creating beauty in all it's many forms.

Roxanne Reichbach Couture

Promo Card Front (Above)

Roxanne Reichbach Couture

Promo Card Back (Above)

Roxanne Reichbach Couture

Business Card (Top) Front

Opens Up To Inside Of Card (Below)

Also See Roxanne's

Interior Design Portfolio


Roxanne Reichbach Designs

Roxanne also recently launched her new

Jewelry Collection of Fine Hand Crafted

One of a Kind


Limited Edition Jewelry Designs

Roxanne Reichbach Artisan Jewelry Designs

"Love Is In The Earth"



Artisan Jewelry Collections

"When you dress with a certain intellect,

you'd be surprised how much is said"

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