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Celebrity Clientele List

My Celebrity Clientele List

Rubicon, Venegas & Roxanne Reichbach Couture

These Celebrities Have Purchased Clothing I Designed From One Of The Boutiques Above

From 1970 - 1998

Client List In No Particular Order


Ann Harris

Vickki Carr

Ellen Burstyn

Barbi Benton

Beverly Sills

Jenifer O'Neil

Karen Black

Diana Ross

Cicely Tyson

Barbara Bach

June Carter Cash

Donna Summers

Tanya Tucker

Sally Struthers

Jane Oliver

Kim Darby

Sissy Spacek

Valerie Perrine

Diane Cannon

Aretha Franklin

Sandy Martindale

Alana Hamilton Stewart

Patrick O'Brien

Holly Gagnier

Shaun Cassidy for Ann Pennington

"When you dress with a certain intellect,

you'd be surprised how much is said"

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