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Wedding and Evening Gowns

Lavish, intricate detailed creations......

Wedding - Evening Gowns

A collage of lace appliques adorned with antique soft gold bullion trimming. This is really quite a Masterpiece of workmanship

Row Upon Rows of Ruffles and Lace

Numerous shapes and patterns intricately woven together into a collage of patterns creating this spectacular skirt with flowing train.

Lovely Wedding Ensembles, in two pieces that can worn for other occasions after the Wedding.

A wreath headpiece and parasol made pretty accessories with this Victorian Gown

Right Out Of A Romantic Novel

Demure and Sophisticated

Exquisite, daring decollete Evening

Gowns dazzle in sumptuous fabrics of soft Dove Grey and Wine Tones.

An Evening in the Grand Palais of Paris

Nothing exudes drama like Black Lace embellished with a scattering of the Finest European Brocade and trimmed with hand fashioned

appliques, on delicate point

de esprit netting. The bodice is adorned with real Gold Bullion that has been spun into the finest lace trimming. (Left)

Like the color of a full glass of Merlot, rich and effervescence. This gown exudes austere sensuality. A plunging neckline reflects the sensuous curves of a beautiful female body set aglow by a candle lit room. Softly shaped puffs of sleeve accentuates her long languid beautiful arms. The skirt cut on a bias hangs to her body and short train follows her every step. (Right)

Rich Warm Hues Entice and Intrigue

The color pallet in this two piece ensemble was taupe, black, gold and cream. The collage patterns were mixed and varied as well as the various materials, fabrics and textures used.



This was purchased by a very well known female artist/celebrity in the Music Industry. 

Here is a close up view of the intricate details used in the design of this bodice.

       Victorian Elegance

   Right out of a Story Book Fairy tale........

Fit For A Story Book Princess, Breathtaking and Beautiful.

So much attention paid to Detail on this gown. Rows upon rows of delicate design and patterns of ribbons and assorted European Laces. Gown bustles up in the back for dancing.

A Lovely Off The Shoulder Neckline

With Center Applique And Lace Ruffled

All Around The Bodice

The Skirt of this Gown is Spectacular

Rows Upon Rows of Ruffled French Lace Embellish This Beautiful Design.

Lace Appliques Adorn Point de Esprit Netting

Delicate & Alluring

This gown was a lovely shade of Lavender made from Chinese Silk fabric, cut on the bias. The skirt swirled on the bottom yet hung and captured every curve of the body.

The bodice was intricately detailed and very much like a silhouette, it accentuates every part of the figure wearing it.

Exquisite Detailing

Classic European Empire Style

Utterly Charming





Flirty and Sexy

Yards and Yards of Tulle

Makes This Ensemble So.........

A Lovely Damsel in a European Medieval Castle, stealing away

in the night.....

A Beautiful Period Piece

Perfect For Today's Modern Woman

She knows what she wants and

she has all the attributes to turn

her dreams into realities

She Is Beautiful, Confident & Self Assured

The Next Gown is

Delicate, Rare and Unique

Real Gold Bullion that was Spun and Woven Into

16th Century Antique Lace

Combined With An Assortment of Fine French Laces

Imposed Onto Beautiful Imported Chinese Silk Fabric

In the hue of the Palest Pink Oyster Tone

So Lovely

Details of Lace and Trims throughout the skirt


around the hemlines demure train

High neckline, with sheer areas behind some lace work. Beautiful bell shaped bias cut sleeves, start midway down the arm and were embellished with beautiful antique lace work and trimming.


Wedding and Evening Gowns



Rubicon L.A. - N.Y.C. & Venegas - B.H., CA.

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Roxanne's dynasty influenced Wedding Gowns set the romantic mood for a night

of splendor. 

"When you dress with a certain intellect,

you'd be surprised how much is said". 

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