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Roxanne Reichbach Couture

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One of my beautiful Brides being fitted before her Wedding.

Informal photographs taken in my Studio. The construction of this dress is probably one of the most complicated gowns that I have ever had the pleasure of making. The young couple were dancers and the bodice had a second short swirling skirt for the later part of their reception.

The couple Ballroom Danced to "Beauty and The Beast" for their Guests at the start of their reception, with beautiful lifts over the Grooms head, so the long silk skirt was made to bustle up in the back to allow the Groom to lift her. The rest of the evening they were primarily Swing Dancing. They had a fantastic Wedding & Reception and were a beautiful couple.

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Long beautiful train that bustled up in the back for the Wedding Reception

The neckline of this dress was wired to allow the collar to

stand up and out, as you can see in the photo above. 

The bodice was designed with lace appliques to cover just

what need to be covered over and around the breast area. 

The back dipped down very low (below the waistline) so a girdle was build inside the skirt and attached to hold it up and support the weight of the very long train. This gown was really a work of ART and a favorite of mine.

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