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Classic-to flirty styled Suites

are looks that last

Evening Suits - Blouses - Cocktail Dresses

Chinese Silk Bordeaux Velvet Suit, Embellished with Lace

Medallions and Sculptured Motifs on the front and Back of the Jacket. Three tiers of Ruffled Lace adorn the Peplum.

Front of Suit adorned with delicate Lace Medallions and Sculptured Motifs with small Tassels on front and sleeves.

Chinese Silk Black Velvet Suit with

Faux Fur Collar and Cuffs.

Stylized Blouses are utterly feminine, sometimes delicate or tailored.

 Romantic Elegance

Multi Colored Chinese Silk Chiffon Blouse garnished with various Antique Lace, ribbons and trims. Silk Chiffon rushing cover the top portion of the bodice with a delicate antique lace applique center piece.

The neck line has a very pretty high Lace Collar and the full pretty sleeves have matching lace trimmed Cuffs.

Shear Giselle Gypsy Styled Blouses

In Pastel Pinks and Greens

Adorned with Ribbons & Delicate Lace Trims

Stylized Bolero Vests made from Satin Fabrics were edged in Lace, Ribbons and various Trims. 

To complete the ensemble detailed Skirts were designed from Chinese Silk Chiffon with Satin Yokes intricately trimmed with various Laces and Trims. The hemlines were edged with a Lace Border to complete the look.

Alluring Evening Blouses

Pretty, playful little Tea and Cocktail dresses

appeal to flights of fantasy.


Evening Suits, Pretty Blouses &

Cocktail Dresses  

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"When you dress with a certain intellect,

you'd be surprised how much is said".

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